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Cavaliers Athletics

WT Woodson High School


Cavaliers Athletics

WT Woodson High School

Cavaliers Athletics

WT Woodson High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

1 year ago

CoEd Varsity Crew vs. Walter Mess Regatta

Game Date
Apr 6, 2019

It was a rather large regatta with 33 clubs and 244 boats entered. We had 11 boats racing on what turned out to be a beautiful day at the Occoquan and a very good day for Woodson. 

Here is the link to photos of the team from the regatta. If anyone has any photos from the day they would like to share and that we could post on our site, please send them to

The Men’s 1st 4 (M-1-4) pulled a 5:30.6 placing 2nd in their heat and advancing to the finals where they won with a 5:19.4. Great row guys and what a great way to end the day! Congratulations to Nick S., Ethan F., Ethan Pe., Richie E., and Ethan Ph. (cox). 

The Men’s Junior 8 (M-JR-8) pulled a 4:48.6 for a 2nd place finish. Great row guys! Congratulations to Reid R., Glen S., Beau S., Joseph B., Brayden S., Walter K., Owen H., Mason P., and Ethan Ph. (cox). 

The Men’s 2nd 4 (M-2-4) pulled a 6:07.6 placing 3rd in their heat and advancing to the finals where they pulled a 5:50.6 just .1 sec behind 3rd. Great row and congratulations to Heston M., Aaron A., Le C., Brandon T., and Douglas H. (cox). 

The Men’s Freshman 8 (M-FR-8) pulled a 5:27.9 for 3rd place in their flight and tied for 5th across flights. Congratulations to Rohan M., Phillip J., Chongyuan H., Alexander P., Raymond M., Steven L., Samuel P., Harrison S., and Kaleb G. (cox). 

We had two Men’s Novice 8 (M-N-8) boats racing today. Boat A pulled a 5:36.3 for 2nd place in their flight and 4th across all flights. Congratulations to Joseph P., Joseph S., Zachary M., Wayne B., John R., Brian T., James M., and Douglas H. (cox). Boat B with Lance U., Dean G., Joshua P., Jacob N., Chongyuan H., Bryant E., Louis L.R., and Justin Y. (cox) pulled a 6:00.3 for 4th in their flight placing them 10th across all the flights. 

The Women’s 1st 8 (W-1-8) pulled a 5:33.6, the 5th fastest time across the qualifying heats, but unfortunately they were in a competitive heat and did not advance to the finals. The women of this boat were Jenny P., Celia M., Leah B., Abby P., Isabelle K., Sarina P., Kaitlyn R., Kira M., and Sophie D-G. (cox). 

The Women’s Lightweight 8 (W-LT-8) rowed up in the Women’s 2nd 8 event and pulled a 5:47.1 to advance to the finals. In the finals they pulled a 5:51.4 and placed 5th overall. Congratulations to Marie K., Joy K., Mya R., MacKenna W., Gail S., Caroline R., Jillian M., Katlyn H., and Leila B. (cox). 

The Women’s 2nd 8 (W-2-8) rowed in the W-3-8 and pulled a 6:19 placing them 4th in their flight ahead of Colgan. The women of this boat were Katy H., Sophia W., Annika M., Sophie L., Leeanne C., Sierra M., Natalie M., Jules H., and Maddy C. (cox). 

The Women’s Novice 8 (W-N-8) pulled a 6:29.9 for 2nd in their flight and 4th across all the flights. Congratulations to Aria M., Vera B., Alicen M., Ava A., Emily Cyckowski, Grace L., Sophia F., Emily Clerinx, Malia W., and Aria M. (cox). 

The Women’s Freshman 8 (W-FR-8) pulled a 6:13.7 for 5th place in their flight and 9th overall. The women of this boat were Vera B., Alicen M., Lauren E., Emily C., Grace L., Sophia F., Afton S., Anna A., and Emily N. (cox). 

We congratulate all the WTW rowers and coxswains who participated in Saturday’s regatta and look forward to our next regatta at the Occoquan this Saturday.
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