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Cavaliers Athletics

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Cavaliers Athletics

WT Woodson High School

Cavaliers Athletics

WT Woodson High School

Team News.

Team News

6 days ago @ 9:38AM

Cross Country Update - 8.4.2020

Due to COVID-19 the Cross Country season has been postponed until February.

Season 2 (Fall) February 15 – May 1 (First Contest Date – March 1) cheer, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, volleyball 

With the VHSL decision delaying Cross Country until February and with FCPS deciding to move all learning to virtual, I have decided that for the time being there will not be any yellow day practices. We will continue to monitor the conditions and should they change we can reconsider our options. Should yellow days become viable as we move into the anticipated start of the school year, participation would not require a physical!

That said, if VHSL and FCPS allowed progression into a “Green Day” schedule for sports, physicals and all associated paperwork would be required.

All of these forms and links will be available on the website, accessible in the "team links" section.

1. VHSL Physical (Emailed to and

2. Concussion Education Forms (Emailed to and

3. Emergency Care Card (Emailed or turned in to Coach Kroner)

So what's next? 

Once again we find ourselves with a long time between now and when we may compete. That does not change our ambitions! There has been a lot of great running that has happened this summer with athletes of both genders literally having runs hundreds of miles since our team meeting in early Spring. The most I've heard is over 400 since April! Impressive to say the least! It's a bummer we will not truly be able to see the fruits of that labor until nearly Christmas for those that are doing Indoor Track but the changes to the schedule will only continue to reward those that are diligent, getting out day in and day out, not being discouraged by the heat and adapting to the hardship!

You can find the updated information and base training plan through the start of the school year in the "team files" section.

If you are an incoming Freshman and new to Cross Country or already at Woodson and just want to try something new, please reach out to Coach Kroner so he can add you to the Team Google Classroom.

If you are a parent or student who would like to be added to the team email blast please reach out!

Lastly, there will be a virtual team interest meeting sometime in September after the start of school. Access to the meeting will be likely through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and provided at a later date.


Coach Kroner

Team News

3 months ago @ 3:33PM

Interested in Cross Country for Fall 2020?

I hope everyone is well and not going too stir crazy!  Believe it or not, it is that time of the year again! I am extremely excited to be taking the reigns for the upcoming Cross Country season. I will be holding a virtual interest meeting for the 2020 Cross Country season next week. The meeting is scheduled for May 6th at 1:30pm. Please spread the word to anyone who you may think would be interested in being part of the team!


If you are interested in attending this meeting you need to email me so that I can send you the session information. We will be holding the meeting via BBCU, the same platform as your classes, and I need to invite each of you individually to be able to attend, if you have an FCPS email, please reach out via that email!

At the meeting we will be discussing important information like:

  • standards to make the team
  • summer training plans
  • individual goal meetings
  • And more!

To get started, I ask that you fill out this general interest survey to give me some information about you and your goals for the upcoming season.

A copy of the information packet can be found in the "team files" section.

Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out


Coach Kroner
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