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Cavaliers Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

2 years ago @ 6:48AM

Sibley's snow day workout 1/27
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2 years ago @ 7:38AM

Monday 1/26 Coach Sibley's workout
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2 years ago @ 7:07AM

Coach Sibley - If practice is canceled.....1/21/15
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2 years ago @ 6:46AM

Winter Break Workouts
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3 years ago @ 2:01PM

Nov. 26th-2-hour early release-practice 1-3pm

Early release, November 26th. Practice starts at 1pm - meet at the track.

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3 years ago @ 5:54PM

Indoor Track & Field Tryout Information



Dress ready to tryout regardless of weather!

FIRST DAY OF TRYOUTS:  Monday, November 10th.  Meet in Cafeteria A at 2:30pm.  Those cleared will head to the track.  NO ONE WILL TRY OUT WITHOUT ALL FORMS COMPLETED.

WHAT YOU NEED TO TRYOUT: All forms are due Friday, November 7, 2014.  

In order to try out for track and field, you MUST have completed ALL of the following things: 

  • VHSL Physical Form:  Completed and turned into Ms. Fickes (athletic training room) – if you did a fall sport or already turned one in this school year, you are OK.
  • Emergency Care Form:  FULLY completed by EVERYONE – even if you did a fall sport – place in Indoor Track & Field mailbox by November 7th.
  • Concussion Education:  This must be completed online by BOTH you AND one parent before you can tryout.  If you did this for a fall sport, you are OK.  Here’s the link:

Physical forms and Emergency Care forms are available next to the activities office or at WTW Sports website -

QUESTIONS: Contact coach Zuber at [email protected]                                       

TRYOUTS: Our three day tryout starts Monday, November 10th.  Because of stricter limitations on indoor meet entries, we will have a limited roster.  Athletes will be tested on sprints and/or running.  Jumpers on their jumping abilities and the throwers will also be tested on their overall strength. Athletes will be evaluated based on results, effort, and attitude.  Team selection will be announced at a team meeting on Friday, November 14th


Monday November 10th:  (2:30pm,  Cafeteria A)                                                    

  • 200 meter dash
  • 1600 meter run
  • Shot put (technique and drills)
  • If time allows – long jump

Tuesday, November11th:  (3pm at the track)

  • 400 meter dash
  • Shot put (for distance)
  • Plyometrics testing for jumpers and short sprint

Wednesday, November 12th:  (3pm at the track)

  • 55 meter dash
  • 800 meter run
  • Jumpers – long jump and/or triple Jump
  • Strength testing (shot putters)

Thursday, November 13th: (3pm at the track)

  • (Warm-up, drills and evaluation by coaches/make-up day for those not cleared or missed a day)

EXPECTATIONS: This is a VARSITY SPORT and attendance at practice and meets is MANDATORY.  You need to carefully consider your time commitments when deciding whether to try out for track and field.  We have practice every week day regardless of weather, between 3-5pm. The official schedule will be posted on our team website,, as soon as it’s available.  Please continue to check this site and make sure you will be able to attend the meets that are scheduled.

COSTS: New athletes must purchase a uniform for $65 to be able to compete.  A link to our team sales will be available once the season starts. If you have never been on a Woodson cross country, indoor track or outdoor track team, we highly encourage you to purchase some spirit wear. Remember this is winter track and field.  Warm clothing is required.  These warm-ups and uniforms are good for all three sports while at Woodson (we will discuss this the first week of practice). If money is a problem, please contact Coach Zuber - [email protected]

EQUIPMENT: Make sure you have running specific shoes as lower body injuries are often caused by wearing the wrong type of shoes.

EVENTS offered at indoor track and field meets: 4 county meets and 3-4 invitational (selected athletes)

Field events:

Shot put

Long jump

Triple jump

High jump

Pole vault

Running events:

4 X 800m Relay

55m Hurdles

55m Dash

4 x 200m Relay

1600m Run

300m Dash

500m Run

1000m Run

3200m Run

4 x 400m Relay

PREPARATION: You MUST come to the first day of try-outs in shape and ready to tryout.  If you are not participating in a fall sport, here is a good workout schedule to get you started and ready for the first day of practice. Build slowly and stretch before and after the workout.  Follow this workout until the beginning of tryouts.  There should be four running days a week, three of those days followed by all of the core exercises.

Run                                                                                         Core Exercises, 3 days

~ 2 days for 20-25 minutes/3 miles easy                                  ~ 5 * 10 push-ups

~ 2 days for 15 minutes fast (pick-up/fartlek)                         ~ 5 * 25 sit-ups

~ Distance runners should include 5x30s pickups in runs      ~ 5 * 25 lunges

~ Sprinters should do 8x50m accelerations after a run

Be familiar with sprint/distance drills.  We will do these every day for warm-up.  The warm-up drills, as well as general strength, for preparation for the tryouts is posted on the website under the “team files” tab.

Best of luck to everyone.  See you on November 10th.


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3 years ago @ 5:33PM

Interest Meeting

Interest meeting for Indoor Track and Field will take place on October 8th at 2:15pm in cafeteria A.  Please bring a completed emergency form.  See you there!

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3 years ago @ 4:25PM

Forms needed to participate in Winter Track & Field

It's never too early to turn in all your forms.  All forms are due November 7, 2014 to the Indoor track and field box located outside the Student Activities Office. In order to participate, you will need:

1. VHSL physical form (updated after May 2014)

2. Emergency Care Form

3. Concussion Education Course completed by athlete and one parent