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W.T. Woodson Athletics

Go Cavs!


W.T. Woodson Athletics

Go Cavs!

W.T. Woodson Athletics

Go Cavs!

Booster Membership



Woodson Athletic Booster passes are now discounted to 50% off for the Spring 2020 season. Passes can be used for all Woodson regular season home games.  Passes are non-transferable.  Lifetime passes are not affected.

Scroll down to purchase passes online using PayPal or click on this link and mail the form and a check to the address listed on the form. 


Purchase passes using PayPal (all passes can be picked up at the Woodson Activities office 2 days after the order is placed and passholder information is collected by Membership.)


Cavalier Family (4 passes) $100.00 (reg. $200)

Cavalier Trio (3 passes) $90.00 (reg. $175)

Cavalier Duo (2 passes) $70.00 (reg. $140)

Cavalier Adult Fan (1 pass) $40.00 (reg. $80)

Cavalier Student (1 pass) $25.00 (reg. $50)

Booster Membership -1/2 Price Sale (Spring 2020)
Family Name On Passes


Lifetime Family (4 passes) $1400.00


Lifetime Trio (3 passes) $1250.00


Lifetime Duo (2 passes) $1000.00


Lifetime Single $750.00


Here are a few of the reasons why we strongly encourage you to consider joining the Boosters:


First, most WTW families don’t realize that Fairfax County Public Schools only pays for game officials, coaches’ stipends, security, and buses for athletic events.  The Booster Club’s goal is to help raise funds for expenses not covered by FCPS and ensure that our teams have the equipment and facilities necessary for our student-athletes to participate as safely as possible under the best possible conditions.  In order to do this, the Booster Club needs your support.  Memberships provide over 50% of the annual funds the Booster Club which contributes to support all athletes at Woodson. 


Second, a Booster membership makes sense economically since it can save families money over the course of the school year.  For example, a student membership at $50 entitles your student to admission at regular season home athletic events at all levels (Varsity, JV & Freshmen), which last year totaled over 200 individual games.  A student will recoup her/his membership merely by attending 10 games during the year (e.g., 3 football games, 3 basketball games and 4 of any of the numerous soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball or other games hosted at Woodson this school year).  We encourage all Woodson students to purchase a booster pass and attend as many events as possible to cheer on their classmates 


Thank you for your support.


Amy Cuviello

Jen Pesansky 

Jane Wilson

WT Woodson Booster Membership Chairs
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