Male and Female Athlete of the Year

One Female and One Male Selected



Loyalty to school and team

Respect for coaches, officials and team



Care of facilities and equipment

Follows trainint and team rules

Citizenship in school/community

Andy Heck Scholarship

Given to one athlete, male or female


Completion of a least 2 full years at Woodson

Acceptance at an accredited 4 year university or college

Cumulative GPA of at least 3.4

Varsity letter winner for at least 2 years in 2 different sports

Sportsmanship and citizenship

Woodson Athletic Booster Scholarships



SPORTS IMPACT AWARD.  This award is available to all seniors, and requires the applicant to write an essay describing how the Woodson athletic programs have affected their life while they were a student at Woodson.  


POSITIVE SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD.  This award recognizes the efforts of a student who has participated in athletic programs at W.T. Woodson.  The candidates are judged for their on and off the field graciousness, respect for team mates and opponents, fairness, and leadership as a Woodson Athlete.   All of the candidates are nominated by their coaches.  

BOOSTER AWARD.  This award is intended to recognize the 'behind the scenes' effots of those such as managers, trainers, announcers, etc. which are required for successful athletic programs.  The student may have also been a varsity athlete, but that is not a requirement.


Lauren Duncan Award

Given to one athlete, male or female


Varsity athlete - senior/ at least one but preferable 2 sports

Male or Female/preferable but not necessarily involved in lacrosse and or football

intended to recognize the individual who makes significant contributions to the success of the team

without necessarily receiving much credit or playing time

Consummate team player who always gives that extra effort

Athlete should be in need of financial assistance

Tom Casey Award

Given to adult in the community


Timeless efforts to the students,coaches and staff of WT Woodson High School by the following




Care of facilities and equipment







Patrick Joseph McElhone graduated from W. T. Woodson High School as a member of the Class of 1988. He accumulated a 3.95 grade point average, won two varsity letters in tennis and, as a senior, was named to the Northern Region All District Tennis Team. Patrick won awards in several academic areas and was particularly active in Woodson’s Latin Program. He entered the honors program of the University of Michigan with an Air Force ROTC scholarship and completed two years with an all academic record. Patrick’s intense drive “to make a difference” was cut short by an automobile accident in August, 1990. This award is established as a memorial to his competitive spirit.

W. T. Woodson HS male or female senior scholar / athlete.

Must have won or will have won at the time of the Award at least two varsity letters at W. T. Woodson in competitive sports recognized by the Virginia High School League.


At least a 3.6 GPA in a college preparatory course of study.


Accepted at an accredited four year college or university.

Demonstrates the highest level of competitive spirit, determination, and ethical standards in both athletic and academic endeavors.